Ultimate Guide to Utrecht

Top Recommendations:

Time: 2-4 days

Budget: $70 day (includes accommodation, food and 1 activity)

Popular Attractions: canal tour, Dom tower, Rietveld Schroder house

Must try foods: Stroopwafel and fries

I have decided Utrecht is one of my favorite cities in Europe. Many of you have probably never heard of it but it is dubbed the little sister of Amsterdam and it’s only a 30min train ride away.  It’s quite a small city filled with canals, adorable cafes, a million bikes, and friendliest people I have met in Europe who all speak English!

It’s a great day trip from Amsterdam, it will cost 15 euro for the train ride round trip. If you don’t enjoy busy cities like Amsterdam I recommend staying in this city instead, there’s still lots to do during the day and night but a lot less tourists since most only come for the day.

One of my favorite things to do in the city is to rent a pedal boat from Stromma canal tours, which is located on the main shopping road. We rented one for 8 euro each for 1 hour. It’s a lot of fun to do with friends and we went at 11 am and it was the perfect time because the canal wasn’t busy with other boats yet but by the time we returned around 12:30 pm it was very busy. It’s nice to see the city in a different perspective.

Another fun activity was climbing the Dom tower, which is the tallest tower in Netherlands. You must go with a tour and you book it at the tourist office across from the tower. It’s 9 euro for adults and if you’re a student you get a discount. The tours run for an hour and the guide tells you the history behind the tower which is very fascinating. You can’t bring a purse or back pack with you. They offer free lockers to use for that hour and you can only bring your phone and camera plus a water bottle which I strongly suggest.

St. Martin’s Cathedral is free to enter and a donation is optional. The interior isn’t anything special but if go out to the court yard, it’s full of greenery and a great spot to sit and relax.

A famous attraction is the Rietveld Schroder house, designed during the De Stijl period. If you are interested in architecture you can visit this house which is found about 10min outside of the city center. Book in advance if you are interested because the slots fill up quick. Admission costs 16.50 euro for adults and 8.50 for students and kids.

I loved wandering around these adorable streets because they have so many independent stores selling the nicest clothes. Go exploring around the city and I’m sure you’ll stumble upon some great shops or cafes.

One of my favorites stores that was recommended to me was It’s a Present, it’s a fun and unique store that’s great for gifts, souvenirs and lots of fun stuff for kids!

The only down fall to this city is that more stores don’t open until 10am and close at 6pm except for Thursdays they stay open until 8pm. Even restaurants close around 10-11pm.

As we all know in the Netherlands marijuana is legal and they call weed dispensaries “coffee shops” they are found all over the city and be sure to have your ID on you if you want to enter. Some coffee shops located on the canals have a basement where you can sit by the canal and enjoy.


Food Recommendations:

Mannenkin pis – the best fries EVER, they serve huge portions so if you are alone a small is enough for lunch. A medium is enough to split between 2-3 people and a large will feed a small family. Ask for the sauce in a cup or else they will put a huge dollop on the top and it’s quite messy. The sauce is extra and there are so many unique flavors to choose from, including vegan options.

Bagels and beans – great bagel shop with unique toppings for their bagels.


Maria Minor – a local took me to a church that was converted into a bar, so the interior is so unique with church organs and Jesus on the wall. They only serve beer, but they have hundreds of options. If you don’t like beer like me, try the raspberry beer, its sweet and tastes like a cider.

A great cozy place to enjoy Vietnamese food and bubble tea is Kimmade. They have a small restaurant so be sure to go early. Great food and quick service.


The only down fall to this city is that most stores don’t open until 10 am and close at 6 pm except for Thursdays they stay open until 8 pm. Even restaurants close around 10-11 pm. Therefore if you do explore this city on a day trip get to the city around 10 am.

If you are dropped off at the bus station because you took flixbus you need to walk right until you hit the train station and then walk down until you reach the galleria up ahead and then take a left and go down the escalator to get to main road that leads to the city center. If you need directions to the city center, ask any of the shops, everyone speaks English.

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