Top Graffiti Places to Visit in Toronto

I’m not sure why it took so long for me to go explore all the cool graffiti sites in downtown Toronto. I’ve been living here my entire life and never took the opportunity to discover the alternative districts. I’m going to show you where to go to see the top 5 places of the instagrammable art in Toronto.

  • Rush Lane

The most popular place in Toronto to see interesting art is Graffiti Alley. Located just West of Queen and Spadina this lane way is filled with colorful art and is definitely not something to miss when visiting Toronto. The Queen west neighborhood is full of fun art work so after you’re done in Graffiti alley wander around this district and you are bound to find some cool art work and cool cafes.


  • 408 Queen Street West

On the side of the Cameron house on Queen Street West you will come across the bright mural above. There are 2 side by side and one is right side up and the other is up side down. The story behind this mural is that the artist back in the 1980’s spent his days at the Cameron house after getting evicted from his apartment and on one sunny afternoon he said to himself “This is paradise”.

  • 474 Richmond Street West

Right off of graffiti alley we came across this new mural that was painted recently by the hair studio “Love is in the Hair”. This art is all about positivity and love and it definitely brought a smile to my face.


  • 101 Spadina Ave

If you want to see some cool 3-D graffiti and enjoy a delicious coffee while you’re at it than Strange Love Coffee is the place. On the outside wall of the coffee shop you will find the Toronto sign and underneath it says “we don’t take naps”. I’m not sure what that’s about since I definitely take naps! If you visit when they are open be sure to ask them!

  • 367 King Street West

A great place to enjoy a poke bowl, smoothie and some pretty artwork is Calii Love on King Street. On the outside of their store they have 5 different artworks you can take photos with. Here you will find the very popular wings that are blowing up all over social media!


I hope you find this guide helpful to find all the best art murals in Toronto and if you discover any more be sure to let me know, happy exploring!




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