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Top 6 Towns You Have To See In Europe

Below is a list and photos of my favorite towns in Europe, some of them are well known and others you have probably never heard and are waiting to be discovered!

Hvar, Croatia

On the ferry from Split to Hvar I didn’t know what to expect from this little island. I read many blogs saying that it’s a party island and while that is true it has so much more to offer. It’s a mix between a luxury island and a backpacker’s destination. It has many high-end restaurants and private beaches as well as lots of hostels and cool bars to check out. While there you can explore many of the close islands by kayak and wander the winding cobble stone streets finding the cutest shops and restaurants. While it can be expensive it was one of my favorite places!

Kotor, Montenegro

Most people have no idea where Montenegro even is, so I suggest you get there before the secret is out! Travelling by bus from Dubrovnik to Kotor the views were incredible, on either side of you are fjords, beautiful blue water and quaint towns. There isn’t much to do in Kotor, so you won’t need more than 3 days but it’s a great place to relax, go on some hikes and explore other small towns close by. This town is becoming a popular cruise ship destination so between 10-4 it can be quite busy but later on in the evening the streets are so quiet and it’s a great time to take photos and explore.

Bled, Slovenia

One of my absolute favorite places in Europe, this place needs to be on your trip! This famous lake is becoming quite popular however don’t let that stop you from visiting. It’s a quick 1 hour bus from Ljubljana and the buses run ever hour. You can easily see this town in a day or if you want to visit some other sites in the area there are lots of hostels and hotels you can stay at for a great price. Lake Bled takes about 2 hours to walk around the entire lake and if you want to see Lake Bled from above follow the Ojstrica hike which is where the first photo was taken from.

View point from the Ojstrica hike

Cinque Terre, Italy

These 5 coastal towns have been on my bucket list since I saw a photo on tumblr 7 years ago and they didn’t disappoint. You can visit all 5 within one day if you start early and a pass costs 16 euro or a one-way ticket is 4 euro. If you want beautiful views I suggest taking the train to Monterosso and then hiking to Riomaggiore. These towns are all quite small and so you won’t need more than 1-2 hours in each town.

Zakopane, Poland

This town in southern Poland blew my mind with its beauty, it’s a popular summer destination for polish families so I was one of the only tourists nevertheless, most people speak English. This town is a great base for lots of beautiful hiking trails in the Tatra mountains. While you’re there visit the famous Morskie Oko lake, it’s a beautiful 2 hour walk each way to the lake. Start your hike early around 7-8am  so you can enjoy the lake before the crowds come in. It’s an easy hike through the mountains and the trail is paved also bring your own food or cash if you want to buy food at the chalet.

Morskie Oko from above

Potsdam, Germany

My mom and I stumbled upon this town while visiting the Sanssoucci palace. This small town is 45 min from Berlin by metro and the day trip is worth it. This adorable town has lots of unique shops and great bakeries around every corner. There’s also many gardens and parks around for you to explore. My favorite part about this town is the unique shaped houses lining the streets.

Let me know if you plan any trips to these amazing towns! Go before some of them become super popular!



  • Melissa

    I live in Europe and I’ve only visited Croatia from this list. And I must say, your pictures are absolutely stunning! I feel like they represent and show the vibe of the place in such a good way. Can’t wait to visit these places. 🙂

  • Kay

    AHH!! This is PERFECT! I was just planning my Italy trip for May and I was wondering if I could see all of the towns in Cinque Terre in one day – so that’s amazing to hear about! I’m pretty sure I can make it work! Thank you thank you!

    • nicoletb

      Thank you so much! Cinque Terre is definitely able to be seen in one day if you start early enough, the towns only need about 1-2 hours each and they are so close to each other by train. Let me know if you need anymore tips!

  • Patti

    Wow, what great recommendations for Europe. I have only ever been to Spain and Paris in Europe. I really need to visit again. In fact, I should just move there. HAHA

    • nicoletb

      So glad you enjoyed it Patti! ahaha definitely go back, I was there for 3 months and it was a blast! I’m going to Spain this summer and i’m so excited!

  • Sharon

    These are all lovely towns! I’ve been to only 1 — Cinque Terre — and I would go back in a minute. It’s like no other place I’ve traveled, and we loved the friendly people and views and hikes and architecture!

    • nicoletb

      Thank you, yes I felt the same way about Cinque Terre! I only got a chance to visit 2 out of the 5 towns so I definitely want to go back as well!

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