The Best Way to Spend 72 Hours in Stockholm

Top Recommendations:

Time: 3-4 days

Budget: $75/day (accommodation, food and 1 activity)

Must try foods: Cardamom buns, Swedish meatballs, pickled herring

Popular attractions: Metro art, Vasa Museum and Gamla Stan

This was my first country on my trip across Europe and I enjoyed it far more than I thought I would. The people are so friendly and helpful and all speak perfect English. It also doesn’t hurt that everyone is so attractive!! The city has a mix of modern buildings and they also have an old town which is adorable.

I can now understand why Sweden is the happiest country, they have the best life style which includes shorter work days, enjoying their daily Fika and they have lots of vacation time! An important daily ritual is to partake in “Fika”.  It’s a social break during the day where people get together, usually at a coffee shop and enjoy a pastry, a drink and just enjoy the little things in life! We definitely need to have more of these in Canada!


Best things to see in Stockholm in 72 hours

Day 1

Sodermalm – A hippy district across from Gamla Stan. You’ll find lots of restaurants and cafes with a very laid back feel. On this side of the city you have one of the best views of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan – One of the prettiest old towns in Europe, you could spend hours walking around these pretty pastel streets. So many adorable shops, cafes and alleyways to explore. This is also where the Royal palace is located, and you can watch the changing of the guards during the day.

Monteliusvagen view point – watch sunset from this beautiful view point, this is the iconic photo of Stockholm

One of the iconic views in the city

Day 2

Vasa Museum – I was told before I came that this was the best museum to see in Stockholm and it didn’t disappoint. When you walk inside you immediately see a ship that was discovered after being underwater for 333 years in the Stockholm shipping channel, it is now restored and on display.

I bought tickets online and it was a little bit cheaper. The price is 130 sek for adults and 110 sek for students. You can spend between 1-2 hours here.  On this island there is the ABBA museum and Nordic museum as well as the Skansen open air museum which has sculptures positioned all over the park.

Skansen Open Air Museum – This is the oldest open air museum in the world and is found on Djurgarden where all the other museums are located. You can pay to explore the sculptures on the grounds and there is also a zoo you can visit native animals to Sweden.

Ostermalm – A pricey neighborhood right by Djurgarden. Rent bikes or join the runners on the board walk to enjoy gorgeous views of the water and city. This is where you can get on a boat and explore the surrounding archipelago.

Ostermalm food hall – 1880’s good hall with lots of diverse food options. Open everyday except for Sunday.

Day 3

Drottingtan street – Walk along the large shopping street in Stockholm where you’ll find lots of Swedish brands. A great place for people watching and buying souvenirs.

Hotorget Station – Right outside this station there is a small square and everyday vendors set up to sell fresh produce, flowers and souvenirs.

Metro art – If you are interested in art or even if you don’t really care for it I still think this was one of the coolest things to do in Stockholm. In about 90% of all the metro platforms there are huge art murals painted and it makes up the largest art exhibit in the world.

Photo tip: Have a good lens that can shoot in low light or else the pictures will be quite grainy. I learned this the hard way! Or even use your phone, sometimes they are better in low light.


Food Recommendations:

Meatballs for the people – All different kinds of traditional Swedish meatballs, made with organic and fresh ingredients.

Fabrique – Popular for their cardamom and cinnamon rolls for 30 sek. They were really good, and the shop has a great aesthetic for photos. They have a bunch of small shops all over the city and only take credit card.

Kebab house – For a cheap delicious meal head there and they have sandwiches and wraps that are so good and huge! Try the kebab with tomato sauce, I was skeptical but it was so delicious!

La Neta – A very popular Mexican restaurant and always packed! I never went but looked great and down the street from my hostel recommendation.

Dunkin donuts – Surprisingly this fast food place had my favourite salmon bagel, so fresh and delicious for very cheap!

Coffee House – You will find these coffee shops on every other street corner. Reminds you of North America where they have a Starbucks on every corner!

Accommodation Recommendation:

City Backpackers hostel – This was my first hostel experience and it is by far one of my favs from the 30 I slept in across Europe. A great social hostel, very clean, excellent security and they even have a sauna! Such a plus so be sure to bring a swim suit! If you are arriving from the train station, it’s a 5 min walk in a great neighborhood!

Hope you enjoy your trip in one of the most vibrant cities in Europe!



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