Solo Travel

Pros and Cons to Solo Travel

There are so many ways to travel, with friends, with a partner, with family but one of the most liberating ways to travel is solo. You are put out of your comfort zone and have so much independence in the choices you make that it is one of the greatest feelings. Below I have listed the pros and cons to travelling solo to help you make a decision if solo travel is right for you.


The choice is yours – You get to make every decision on your trip and trust me the freedom is amazing!

Pick your own itinerary – You get to pick which countries and cities to visit that really interest you and how long to spend in each. If you want more of less time in a place it’s your decision.

Wake up time – If you want to be an early bird or sleep in, it’s totally up to you and you don’t need to feel guilty for it.

No compromising – If you want to explore museums and the history of a city or shop all day, you get do that at your own pace and see/do everything that you want without having to worry about splitting your time with another person.

Easier to meet people – You are more approachable when you are solo, and you are more likely to try and make friends so you aren’t lonely. If you are with someone you are more likely to only be around them because that is what you’re comfortable with.

Tip: A great place to meet people is by joining a free walking tour.



Sharing memories – It is nice to be able to share those awe moments with the people you travel with. It’s amazing to talk about those special moments with someone and have those memories to look back on.

More cautious – Especially as a female you need to be more cautious of your surroundings and to trust yourself if you feel uncomfortable. Always go out at night with someone so you are less likely to be targeted and always watch your belongings and drinks. You are more vulnerable to be pick pocketed and scammed as a solo traveler so watch out in touristy places.

Accommodation – If you want to rent an Airbnb it will be more expensive versus if you have a partner or a group of people who can split the cost.

Dining experience – It can be a little nerve racking and awkward having dinner alone, you might get bored or you might just avoid it all together. It can be a negative or positive experience depending on the person but once you try it the nerves will go away. As well if you go to a busy restaurant they are more likely to seat larger parties first because they earn more money.

Tip: bring a book or download a book to read while you wait for your food

Missing home – You’re more likely to miss friends and family when you’re alone since you don’t have that comfort. The great thing about technology is that you can communicate with loved ones anywhere in the world so don’t let that stop you.

Photos – It is hard to take photos when you solo travel, since you constantly need to ask other people to take your photo but it might end up blurry or not how you envisioned.

Tip: A gorilla tripod is super small and compact to carry around and can be attached to most surfaces so you can take your own photos. Or you can bring a selfie stick…I know what you’re thinking, you will look like a typical tourist but it can be an easy alternative if you don’t want to spend to much money on a tripod.


I hope you found these pros and cons helpful to make the best decision for you. I was a little nervous being by myself for 3 months in Europe however it ended up being the best decision I ever made. If you have never taken a solo trip, try and go away for a weekend close to where you live and see if you enjoy it and then you can gradually increase the time spent away by yourself!

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