Photo Journal: Inspiration to Visit NYC in the Fall

I had the pleasure of visiting New York City at the end of October, I found tickets for $200 round trip with Westjet from YYZ to LGA and I knew I had to go! This was my first time coming back to NYC in 8 years and my first time as an adult so it’s suffice to say I had an incredible trip! I was a little early for full fall colours but I still managed to capture some beautiful foliage, especially in Central Park.

The weather was perfect, very sunny and it only rained for 2 days out of the week. The hostel prices were pretty good and not that many crowds for photos!

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The Pond Central Park
Sunrise walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
Domino Park
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Old Sugar Refinery at Domino Park
Roosevelt Island
Leaves are still green at the Cloisters
Central Park
Central Park
Watching the Sunrise in Central Park
The Mall in Central Park
The Pond in Central Park
Roosevelt Island Tram
The Mall in Central Park
Tudor City Place Overpass
Sunrise on the Long Island Boardwalk
Bow Bridge at Sunrise

I had so much fun exploring New York in the fall season! If you are thinking about visiting NYC this year then definitely go between the last week of October and first 2 weeks of November to capture the best colours. Happy planning!


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