A Day Trip to Burano from Venice

Venice really surprised me, I didn’t expect to fall in love with the city. With it being such a small island there was always places to explore.  One day trip I can’t recommend enough from Venice is to Burano and Murano.

Murano is known for glass blowing which is great souvenir to take home and the island is only 10min away. We visited Burano instead and it was perfect to spend a couple hours wandering the quiet streets admiring the colourful houses and walking along the peaceful canals.

The story behind the painted houses is that the island use to be an old fishing village and all the houses are painted different colours so that when the men came from sea they could identify the island easily. Today, if someone wants to paint their house a certain colour they must send a request to the government and get it approved.

The water bus price for unlimited travel for the day is 20 euros so if you hop on and hop off at all the islands along the way (6 in total) you get your money’s worth and could be a great full day trip. If you want to visit one island because you’re short on time it costs 15 euros round trip.

Burano is one of the furthest islands, taking about 40 minutes, we got there around 10 am and apart from the busy main street it was a ghost town. If you venture off to explore the town and all the alley ways they will be totally empty so there’s no need to wake up super early for photos.



The San Martino church is something you should visit when here, it looks similar to the leaning tower of Pisa because it is titled to one side. Also along the main canal you will find lots of restaurants and traditional lace shops where you can get some pretty souvenirs.



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