48 Hours in Bled, Slovenia

Top Recommendations:

Time: 1-2 days

Budget: $40/day

Popular Attractions: Bled castle, Ojstrica view point, Lake Bohinj

Must try food: famous Bled cream cake


You have probably seen this famous lake popping up all over social media these last couple years. When I finally visited this charming town with the famous lake I understood all the hype. This is one of the most magical places I have ever visited.

You buy the tickets to Lake Bled from the main bus station and it costs 6.50 euro each way. They leave every hour on the hour and takes about 50 min to get there. There are only 1-2 buses that leave every hour so to be sure you get a seat on the bus go early to buy tickets in the summer months. This town is very small and it’s very easy to navigate, all the hostels and hotels are about 5-10 min from the lake.

If you want beautiful views of Bled hike up to Ojstrica view point, it takes about 20 min up rocky terrain and you’ll reach a bench at the top. There is a second view point farther up that you must climb metal stairs, this is the wrong path and not the best views so make sure you follow the correct signs. The starting point for the hike is right after the camping grounds.

Most people visit Lake Bled as a day trip, but I think you can spend at least 2 days here and find plenty to do. Such as visit the less popular Lake Bohinj which is 30 min away from Bled and costs 3.40 euro each way. You’ll find the bus schedule at the bus station, keep in mind on weekends there are less buses running.

This lake is about 3 times the size of Lake Bled so you can rent bikes to see the entire perimeter or can rent kayaks. There are also many waterfalls near by that you can bike to or explore by foot the surrounding towns. There aren’t many food options except for a grocery store and a couple restaurants so bring food from Lake Bled or Ljubljana if needed.

Food Recommendations:

When you’re in Bled you should try the famous Bled cream cake which is whipping cream, custard and phyllo dough. So delicious if I do say so myself! I went to Slascicarna Zima and they have a wide variety of pastries.

If you want to enjoy the Bled cream cake with a gorgeous view of Lake Bled head up to Cafe Belvedere.


You need cash to pay the drivers for your ticket, small bills if possible.

Even in the summer months the weather forecast predicts rain almost daily, but it tends to be wrong, don’t let that stop you from visiting. On the days I went it said rain for 3 days and it only rained on and off the first day.

Triglav national park is also close by if you want to hike for the day.

Vintgar gorge is a popular attraction where you’ll walk along boardwalks between cliffs over the bluest water. It’s open from mid April until November.


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